"The wedding that every little boy dreams of?"
"Just let me have this."
Happy Endings, 3x13 Our Best Friends Wedding

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February 16th 2013 @ 06:30pm

15 New Ships of 2012 —> Dave&Penny (Happy Endings)

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December 29th 2012 @ 08:26pm

Happy Endings, 3x07 No-Ho-Ho

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December 28th 2012 @ 09:01pm

Happy Endings, 1x09 You’ve Got Male

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October 15th 2012 @ 05:34pm
TV Duos Who Should Do It
"We came thisclose to a hookup in the season finale, but TV sitcom conventions called for a triangle (hey, Alex!). Dave’s dorky, straight-man ways could be the perfect balance and answer to Penny’s kookiness and perpetual single-dom. Plus, that look they gave each other in front of the fountain was basically code for ‘I’m seeing you in a totally different way.’”
October 15th 2012 @ 05:09pm

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October 4th 2012 @ 05:27pm

Dave/Penny → @yousmelllikesnow

“Penny, I feel really stupid.”
“No, I understand wanting to have someone to look up to.”
“Yea, well, maybe it’s time I realized that I have people in my life to inspire me.”
“Are you talking about Scotty Pippen?”
“Besides, it turns out I didn’t need Alan’s slaw because I WON!”
“I told you! That is awesome! Oh my gosh. I’m proud of you.”
“Well, thanks.” 

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August 7th 2012 @ 08:26pm
Dave: Penny, you are such a catch. I mean, you are smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, and you’ve always had my back, and I appreciate it.
Penny: Of course, I love you!
Dave: I love you too.

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July 24th 2012 @ 03:21pm
Just because Dave and Penny will both be occupied next season doesn’t rule out chances of them starting up a romance eventually. “People need to see the right thing happen and the right thing has to be that Dave and Alex at least have to get back together before you see anything really happen with Dave and Penny,” Groff said. In fact, a Penny-and-Dave romance is something the producers have been toying with since the series’ inception. “When I read [creator David Caspe’s] original pilot script, in the pilot, when Penny is coming down on Alex, like ‘How can you do this?,’ you definitely get the sense that Penny is saying to Alex, ‘He’s the greatest guy! How could you do that?’” Groff explained. “There was always this little subtext of they’ve known each other forever… and, in some ways, he’s still an ideal for Penny. It feels natural in a way, but i just think it didn’t feel like we could go down that road too quickly.”
Happy Endings Scoop: What Will Happen to the Penny-Dave-Alex Love Triangle?
July 23rd 2012 @ 08:26pm

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July 23rd 2012 @ 08:17pm
“I love you.”
“Well, I love you, too.”
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